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Fallout 4- The Legend of Vault 114

Fallout 4- The Legend of Vault 114- The Bostone Elite, Soup Can Harry and a funny experiment. This and more in this episode of Fallout 4- Legends of

Vault 114:

Vault 114 is located in the Park Street Station, currently under the occupation of the Triggermen, who are holding Nick Valentine. This was a vault that, on the surface, was meant to be a haven for the rich during the apocalypse. However the truth is different. The vault 114 experiments was as follows: The rich were to be put into a vault, stripped of all luxury, and an incompetent overseer, in this case Soup Can Harry, was to be put in charge. Then, they would see how the wealthy coped after losing all of their wealth and influence. Inside this vault we can find the Speech Bobblehead.

I hope you enjoy the episode :)

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